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Compiled lecture scribe notes for the graduate course ‘Advanced Algorithms’ (Fall 2018) taught by Mohsen Ghaffari.

Chemical structure elucidation is a serious bottleneck in analytical chemistry today. We address the problem of identifying an unknown …

Algebraic Normal Form (ANF) and Conjunctive Normal Form (CNF) are commonly used to encode problems in Boolean algebra. ANFs are …


The boolean satisfiability problem (SAT) is introduced. State-of-the-art methods that build upon DPLL and CDCL are covered. An …

The problem of community detection is introduced. Common methods such as graph partitioning and spectral clustering are discussed. Talk …


IBM Ponder This puzzles

Solutions to IBM’s monthly Ponder This puzzles.

Cipher Encodings

A collection of cipher encodings

Automatic Complexity

Applied Mathematics Undergraduate Thesis

Dynamic Graph Problems

Computer Science Undergraduate Thesis


Found out about the Cryptopals challenges ( Pretty fun! Click here to follow my progress.

Threshold Secret Sharing Schemes

Explored and implemented 3 secret sharing schemes.

Telegram Chess Bot

Spent a weekend figuring out how Telegram bots worked. Hacked up a chess bot for fun.